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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 9, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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go to youth ages history cats was in it for the day cos breaking news top twenty so much the doors to play the stock. while. good news
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such. no backing down huge protests on the streets of thailand despite the fact that the minister has called for snap elections to get reactions from bangkok french troops began to disarm fighters in the central african republic a country hit by an outburst of deadly sectarian violence and brought to break out during the football match in southern brazil. he's been raising concerns about safety for next year's world cup expert reading your post to thank anna molly home. first a sea of protesters on the streets of bangkok thailand's political saga continues this monday the country's embattled prime minister in what she wants has dissolved parliament and call for snap elections. but it's done little to calm the anger of demonstrators for weeks now people out on
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the streets calling for his resignation. she's accused of being under the influence of her brother. exiled former prime minister tax and housing tax is not wealth is in bangkok and he says protesters say that ministers concessions are too little too late. in terms of the protests to say they say this was not the final payment was on the road to victory for them than us the scene seems that coming through now and just been out there there's tens and tens of thousands of people out there on today's march and they say that they don't want just the dissolution of the house they say that at the current prime minister should not be in charge of any cats a coincident that governments and eighty two elections all and they say they won a total change of the natural system. they say they want appointed people's council and the cia a complete change the system they say it's been such a corrupted launched the in and minds by the end the political juggernaut started by as the brother of the current one is that sucks in sion was back in there
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the other two thousands. this nowhere does the minister go from here what options does she have. she called the dissolution of the house to call new elections are under the constitution is not much else she can do then you can go back to two thousand and six before work too. oh we sold and that new elections were held up for dissolution of parliament following massive protests similar to the ones we've seen today at those selections were boycotted by the democrat party at the world's leading a selection of these protests today so we wait to see what democrat party says it they say they will contest the elections then perhaps we see a way forward. under the current constitution that the democrats did not contest this election is that they say they can employ call then it's unclear what the prime minister can do from that briefly a snowy scene of course a lot of people out there on the street from the outside it seems like pushing for somewhat of a backtrack from the mosque to see why is that. indeed any speaking to many the hostesses else out there today and they come from oven educated middle classes ups and run the country and they say that the meaning of
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the foreign press in the foreign mass of onlookers outside see this as some of the staff at the democracy they say what kind of democracy do you want and this and as a long standing tradition in thailand where the leak has been involved in politics are looking up to the palace in the nutrient but even that to support the political process that they say that the comment to the monks his stance has been totally corrupted and they cannot trust elections of the moment because that will be pulled by a texan and his political machine. is the last reporting from bangkok thailand isn't the only country hit by protests. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in kiev on sunday the protesters angry over the government's decision to ditch a landmark pact with the european union. this in favor of closer ties to russia. people are expected to take to the streets yet again today as the opposition seeks to keep the heat on president viktor yanukovich with a cure is bound to compassion. demonstrators face the cold on sunday night
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hundreds of thousands of anti government protesters packed the streets in and around kids independence square. not far away the statue of lenin was toppled in a sign of frustration that russian influence. the move quickly condemned by opposition leaders. the season opener last night and we will protest here until we achieve victory. we believe in our country and crowded and ukrainian. but jones and no circumstances must we destroy things. oh break things demonstrating just how serious they are protesters set up a barricade outside government buildings making it impossible for ministers to meet at offices by car the opposition has to be to block the president's residence. if the government is not dissolved in forty eight hours. while the nation
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wants to be a part of the european union. people want punishment for those killed and injured activists didn't want the government to resign. the opposition has to see the recent posts of support. one of its leaders bid on the pitch go will meet french foreign minister normal thaddeus impacts on wednesday. the u s foreign policy chief catherine ashton will be traveling to ukraine later this week. france says it will begin to disarm the fighters in the central african republic by force if necessary. soldiers are patrolling the capital by me as well as other towns. some one thousand six hundred french troops are in the country as part of the un mandate to restore order nearly four hundred people have been killed since sectarian fighting began on thursday. many residents are fearful to leave their homes it's nonstop reports to the cheers of locals some of the sixteen hundred french soldiers deployed to the central african republic iran eighteen ninety the president to be living in fear of sectarian violence
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that left hundreds dead francaise the weekends its intervention got number one already in the ninja reasons the first priority for the troops and disarming former seneca rebels have been terrorizing the population. we ate. for now we're told sean that be a present and strong to show all these organize groups in the cities and forests. at the time if you can achieve is over. so tomorrow i'm only down their weapons and that means if you don't need them down. we wrote this on you by force. before we set this up the mind and cousins the one side its christian vigilante groups have responded to so they can solve my tiki muslim neighborhoods in the capital on sunday to counter the cockpit of a bomb. he urged christians and non security and prevent students i mean people are displaced within the country. french soldiers have started moving into rural areas where much
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of the mind and fifty complaints. french president connolly says they'll remain in the central african republic as long as necessary to buy the african union's miss the forest which will be increasing its presence from three hundred thousand to six thousand troops. baltimore analysis on the sunshine now by our chief foreign editor robert parsons of other trends says its beginning its disarmament of the fighters have successfully can do this well mrs go to the big question in mind that the group into thighs and played hundreds of african forces inside the country that for some time already without munching to achieve anything. that said the smoke with his new diet that be the french forces present is much more professional much better on a much more people with cardiac this sort of operation. the question is posed in many people's mind will be ok. in punky the capital one can see i like to be done if you go outside the capital of those gardens the countryside things get an awful lot
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harder. it's a massive country. at the same size the prawns with this population for the hoff million. you can just disappear and the brooch which i imagine is what the reason they shouldn't do that. zero been open to wait around to be disowned by the french forces will melt away we walked then head to the french forces cities of the problems this kind of things. i will pass on all so sudden and action effort and rapid reaction force will be put into place and of course this is has been talked a bit of out for quite some time will become reality with the french in particular to talk about it that for quite some time and we had a weekend of the summit of african heads of state empowers the same issue being discussed again. but this is frost does not want to be what's not want to become dijon done for africa. it's something it's a role it's been accused of hiding in the post but for us is made perfectly clear over the last ten years is a simple but something that costs remain in the last post was a completely different relationship a much more
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transparent relationship with africa in the future and it does not see itself as being vigilant on that once i offered to take responsibility for its own internal has its own security the problem is how do you create a sufficiently effective. rapid reaction force inside africa composed just of african soldiers of the moments that they have failed in a local or attempts to create one. collins is saying that. it's protected resorts is out the disposal topic that to create over the next five years just such a force that can go to plan some people need help from the european union members like great britain and joanie nd hops two from the united states. london the week and make an international appeal for money people portray consent to such a force but so far been no takers. robert will briefly trent also calling for swift elections of billy c that's also how the jeannette will they be if they take place one that mrs bought the same thing again promises no one to be sucked into the central african
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republic he wants to see he was to have an exit strategy he sees elections has been part of that too so that the central african republic and hopefully take responsibility for its own offense. the problem is how do you hold elections in a country with the infrastructures collapse is essentially a failed state what twenty five with twenty five percent of the population is on the budget under what ten percent of the population is in flight from the homes because of the violence it's going to be incredibly difficult and that the logistics of getting together in an election in one year's time and all was mumbling and even if they hold an election what happens off the pot is the elected government began a good piece on a capable enough to hold the country together to administer a country of the signs of fronts. and of course is clearly at many many questions surrounding this issue thank you very much. since. but still look now at motherwell news in brief. south africa's parliament is to pay tribute to nelson mandela this monday
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this as the country prepares for the arrival of world leaders for tuesday's memorial service. some seventy heads of state are expected to attend the memorial which will be held in the stadium and a selection of clicks but it's expected to be one of the largest gathering of world dignitaries. recent history. us defence secretary at chuck a killer's in pakistan for meetings with the country's prime minister nawaz sharif the talks in doubt for the repairing a strained relationship between washington and his love of god. one major sticking point the ci is drawn program which is responsible for the deaths of both terrorists and civilians alike. pakistan is called the terror strikes in violation of the country's sovereignty. and there's been a shakeup and north korea's government. the uncle of leader kim jong un has been dismissed from our county and confirming the downfall of the one the second most powerful man in the states janice on the attack was sacked from his managing the economy. corruption womanizing and drug taking what analysts say it's one of
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the biggest the peebles has the government since the death of the former leader kim jong il in two thousand the mountains. now to violent scenes from a football match result two people have been seriously injured in a violent brawl that broke out between fans images were broadcast live to millions of homes are likely to raise questions about the country's ability to keep them safe during next year's world cup after clifford reports. i see no conflict because players green knight's tale. minutes later the cd and descended into chaos. it is time to teach other and began to lose grind the beans and some of the idea contest this repeatedly and can't. riot police fired pepper pilates and tear gas into the riots the helicopter ride to treat the insurance. the plaintiff was already being punished for sundial in several months
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ago. it will finance the series to brazil this year raising concerns for the country's image ahead of the world cup. is it the most unknown. venus express and harder. it's sad. i'm speechless. i saw a guy and i'm on the ground. i don't know what happen in the episode in which these will make the difficult and then this happened. it could be another did some super busy and will no longer were we getting upset because the whole world to see this and woke up this next year this sentiment over to the set their sights. alarmed at the lack of security. it'd be no police inside the stadium during the game as a private security company was the news. over an hour the match underway. many were known. now is there too much and wish on french tv fences of broadcasting watchdog fears that might be the case
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today french theorists can sit down to watch reality shows like master chef the boys and a secret story but defenders of the french language state broadcasting isn't the only sector that should be taken to task who gets screwed. home to the new leader chinese supermarket retailers in france are among the worst offenders when it comes to butchering english the critics. the nokia wee ones sectors like human resources technology and media tend to turn to industry me a note isms which then spread sparking worries that the french line which is being watered down. some native speakers have a hard time thinking of french translations are commonly used english words. stamps are this is a few small pots it was. boy some close ups as philly's own way. let us instead of. if league action
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it's important to make an entrance. you see the contents or the french language and they don't reject foreign religions that every country has an identity as a protected act out the front is broadcasting watchdog agrees its meeting on monday to discuss the pretty freakin of wrongdoing in the media and the reference on tv. that's really the sports music in boston. what a mime all his calls and nigeria seems to be on course to become africa's biggest economy with an average annual growth rate of around six or seven percent over the past decade. it looks set to overtake south africa today am speaking to the woman who's in charge of this rising economic power and cozy up onto it we are not is the finance minister
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of nigeria cheese and pires for some it's about the need is hosted by the french president is also bringing together african and french business leaders said mr a way out i think you very much indeed for speaking to is unwelcome. thank you marcus now i spoke the robots and annual growth rate of about six percent in the past decade so so they're all concerns that the nigerian growth rates could come down if there are threats chalks what he say about risk. to this as somewhat better than six percent in the past decade and it was seven. i knew this day there are risks it's a very robust growth rate built on the back of a good macro economic management as the dt nineteen nineteen as sources of growth in the nile set to an up close and wrists when still quite dependent on oil flows seventy percent of revenues and down the nose so should the oil price. come down too much really a viable but that made provisions to manage
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that. because they haven't tweeted called the axis good at it though we try to save during times of good auto prices and that you know that tells us to question. in times of shock so loudly at running back next year was spent down some of the money in that that counts. the navy in twenty thirteen but to be built in the back up its push and they're awesome critics all over the nigerian economy work when i spoke to the not the head of the nigerian central bank does that just a few months ago he spoke for instance about a comatose industry and also lots of groups that the government what to say oh all all of his criticism at the end of the criticism that still exists. why am i the place in center of the new covenant dap and and then of course had he says says some of these remarks is true that have recurrent expenditure is very high. i would like to go down and it's an almost seven
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thousand five percent of total costs next to. so we agree with that and that we have been working on having it done and i want to get it but to send to awards of wage increase is due to the seven it's the twenty ten we go to the tandem bike. and so we will want to do confide in this to streamline make economies are all signs that you did something very interesting. which is a biometric. that fact. ok now we do see no wheat is designed to out political ghost let us have found the web for seeing us on pandas and people a second bill and a minivan. i know we've been doing this exercise for of a yet with the nimble acted too to see that it's a given amount of food that i needed the indie rock band and out to about twenty five thousand post le so we went to finish that exercise that will help us sitting down rules. we also need to streamline and make some un agencies is not easy
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it was that underpinned by a goal and you can see the typically it's quite touched. talk about this post the before and still today nigeria nigerian exports competed dependent on oil sector. i hope you come to that. how do you die cuts a fine view that the nigerian economy will too. well then that you must have thought oh what is happening recently. i really do want to contact a governess a tag about collectors industry this is completely changing the president of nigeria prison without the band aid on math and reading on just what to call out to a transformation agenda. what what does that mean it means the show. efforts to diversify the country away from oil the only way we see to me solve the fundamental problems of the nigerian economy is to diversify away from oil because we need to create jobs with little red
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when an accident six percent as you as you know it at imf has projected seven point four percent next year the point is to not create enough jobs so we need on the new growth and what is driving the economy right now isn't on the new growth. they brought the big economies coming from the college. it's coming from an infection in manufacturing is done on my toes but it is beginning to take off the direct investments in defence a dozen petrochemicals. they just had a very big investment later on a one point two billion in a plastic signing but denies that i would like to knit nice undies coconut to invest in them until automobile industry. we've got done but do you know i'm a big businessman who is investing on sunday in sydney but is also blamed oil refineries on this. they've got sad time campbell that says just do it in fact if up to fifteen eighty and eighty in an era in the west of the country so we have meal investments
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coming in geneva. nobody's looking to invest in the context but i would call a champ as i said the housing sector is up but to be kicked off on a factory is coming in and that was thought of as a boy and non oil minerals leaving the country that sent the help of the senseless is open and don't forget we have the creative industries the sentences. nigeria has come and i dis movie industry and the well known london yes many state and at two hundred thousand direct jobs and the anime that it jumps to fifty million dollars in bank accounts. if you eat you mentioned are atop the few companies that have been investing in nigeria who are investing in nigeria. gee think though that western companies have been too slow to catch on to the growth that is taking place now in nigeria and elsewhere in africa for instance because there has been so much focus on chinese investments in africa and the pasta it's a
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ticket. well let me say this that when you look up what is happening in africa i think it's interesting phenomena are you really need to know that one is that much of my investment now is some stuff is coming from china india brazil and is coming from other african countries of africa is a need invest in nigeria for instance. and this is a phenomenon that is happening all over the continent and in developing countries as though silence of the investment is the best one other interesting piece of information that is except africa investment is increasing son nineteen as investing in so many african countries of bonds in any angle the fifteen countries the cement in plants being built by double clicking in my bento of the two countries so we also invest in each of you know what i say is of course they are so soft and investment is very important so with ivy league but the point is that they may be had in a bit so i sit two
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countries and investments rather than on the dvd of the web. quite tired now in no i in order to be able to catch the opportunities you can come in keeping with the company's european companies fences of taking office markets for profit while i wait in the presumptions of me to say that i did a bit taken if i'm going to but i do know that if they don't scramble for the opportunities that time edging around the bead at the hearing. this can take over if they are indeed the hot countries from the south. i mean countries found this out they have a country's coming everyday indonesia is making investments. um you know it's not just the breaks. but ellison on bric countries are coming in and make a new data on domestic investments. i also see singapura to meet as it is maybe what you like to see the selfless impress us need to seal one domestic investors put any money in the country and that's happening big time in nigeria you know we've got it to a company called innocent
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manufacturing cars. almost more than fifty percent of the pots built in nigeria and that's an easy act to me let me just ask you go up about the business climate in nigeria the truck for the well backed a while then comes out with that set annually doing business report in that doing business report. nigeria is in spots one hundred forty seven ops of one hundred and eighteen on countries. doesn't that scare off potential investors reading i think if you look at many of the brakes step was the size i also know that not that great. some of them i wun mind that some of them i eat eat eat some of them get up at the top. but that doesn't mean that we do need to do that. of cos we'd like to do that to but we need to look at the spectacle that in this house when the school and focus on them. it is true that we have a lot of bureaucratic led to some not say that too and the position we want to be. we after next to what many high point by point at what they bring ic of a competition council has
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been set up the minutes of trading desk and investment is taking this on a web link to take these points one by one but what we're seeing is that it's not the setting up businesses. nigeria's largest destination for investment in africa. so do you think the dentist is that the more the growth rate than the bed the other foxes. so to speak yet it probably out but that does not make us countries sent into question we ask that celsius that the tide is this the nation by this time amid the week we get home. if we sold some of those problems. some nights yet to say that though we feel very glad that too and that's where we want to be. we have to work really hard as it can to win the comp isn't that tall and any savings that growth is not everything. you know we're going to win on creating enough jobs. we have young people kept coming and the london markets. so we want me every time about whether the type of growth we have is it that we need to have that's why we're happy
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that the non oil sector as a second that the president is pushing to diversify is beginning to work now. plus this last twelve months exceeded one point six million jobs we need about the media. so an update we're going to the top of that goes on to it without it's been a pleasure to speak to you thank you very much indeed for being at spots like that without regard to iraq op ed this edition although the business and he thinks what. these experimental make houses could soon change the lives of the visually impaired this young lady suffers from serious facial deficiency thanks to the old clinton reality casa streak in our region also make a color isn't details previously invisible to our lives. i see the faces of people and
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talking to. i see smiles. he said to him. the prototype has been tested by three people in france for several months. the only downside is that the improvements the classes can only be used for forty minutes a day and only flight systems and. this will soon be possible to carry and gerald h i p test at all. he said testing kits are to be available in pharmacies from next year using the drop of those are some i bet that at some of the detection of now the virus. the antibodies which is to me of an infection. the fast and simple test that takes just a few minutes to detect the virus if contamination is not too recent. the parties' estimate thirty thousand people in from toronto with their hiv positive. the new test could amount to four thousand new cases to feel coverage each year. assuming we are here to lord justice center in the world genetic
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therapy facility. with a surface area five thousand meters squared. taken up by the parties' the genitalia bottle factory is the pride in showing of the infant emmett on the scenic center that will help accelerate the production of g madsen from the red tail as they listen to patients. the party hopes to put one or two mets this for rare diseases on the market for twenty seventeen hse new technology is the latest digital innovations and the impact on society. twenty four. don't miss the point. monday at four forty five pm this point kason. i do. overall. as you
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the disgust on their salt has a bias instructions given an extended meeting in october were filled the government members discuss what has been done to eliminate loaded oil wells the creation of favorable conditions for special economic zones in the development of state and private partnerships executives of the responsible authorities reported to the prime minister on these issues the prime minister noted that the implementation of the copper has a plan on finding great economy is a


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